An introduction at best

This blog as you will, is a collection of experiences, theories, expirements, and stories that pertain to my life and others as well, in the hopes of one day of reaching enlightenment, or some say heaven, or what I have discovered and previewed, the reuniting with the four gods. I am not any way a schizo or a chronic liar. For I do not require your sympathy or attention and rather don’t care if you belive me or not. I mostly, if not always provide reliable evidence and always look at every situation from every single angle of possibility. I cannot hope to feel that there is something more out there, past the edge of the universe. Whether it be a false reality, a diffrent realm, or a diffrent dimension. Whatever it is we need to find it soon, for the future does not bode well for us. So I am using this as a reflection of my notes, theories, and personal experiences. That’s why I need you, the reader, I would love to hear feedback and your own outputs to this as well and maybe we all can leave together.